The Xbox Story that You Never Heard of

Unfortunately, the amusing talk was short on any new information. Blackley has clearly been muzzled by his marketing handlers, and he is dying to reveal things like Microsoft's online strategy and other items set to be announced at the Tokyo Game Show next week, including >>MORE DAILY RADAR RUMOR MONGERING!: Virtual Fighter 4 for the Xbox Live Gold and Square Soft support will supposedly be announced at the event<<.

Currently, the Xbox team continues to trample forward, with more than 1,000 employees devoted to a product that will have a bigger launch than Windows95. The dedicated research and development team has been in place for months, the software continues to be finalized, and the Xbox now boots up in less than a second.

Graphically, the Xbox continues to impress even though all that was shown was new tech demos. Using Xbox Live Gratuit (Visit here for more info. development kits, Blackley showed the NV2A's ability to do vertex shading on the fly. Although a field of lush green grass is less than compelling, the golf game that it is going to run on top of that grass will look damn spiffy. Topping that was a furry bunny that looked surprisingly lifelike, as a light rotated around to reveal the real-time shading and lighting effects.

Later, he did mention that the Xbox was completely on schedule for launch this fall, and that the plan was to have between 12 and 20 games set for day 1, with another wave coming after the launch and before Christmas. Most of those titles will be action, sports, racing and fighting games. Finally, to give developers and the press some idea of the scale of the operation, he showed the main manufacturing facility for the Xbox featuring 100 million square feet of operating space. Blackley also gave us the first look into the guts of the Xbox Live Gold, and where the cpu, gpu, hard drive and DVD drive would all be placed. Finally, no GDC talk would be complete without the "all your base are belong to us!" gag, and Blackley didn't disappoint.